Real Estate Financial Advisory

Combining property, construction and finance expertise we
support effective investment in built assets.

Why Think Assets?

Our Expertise


1. Financial Strategy

Property Taxation

2. Fiscal Incentives

Asset Optimisation

3. Restructuring

1. Financial Strategy

We undertake financial due diligence for potential property acquisitions and developments. Focused on validating or creating the financial strategy, reviewing the business case and identifying the key drivers of return for any given investment. With both finance and property expertise we understand the role real estate can play in financial performance and how to create value while controlling risk.

Investment Advisory
Property Taxation

2. Fiscal Incentives

Having knowledge of both property and finance enables us to provide valuable advice to our clients, helping them make their real estate investments as efficient as possible. We achieve this by providing specialist advice on issues such as Capital Allowances, Land Remediation Relief and Business Premises Renovation Allowances (BPRA).

3. Restructuring

Our restructuring service is aimed at addressing projects and portfolios which have entered into financial difficulty. Perhaps because developers have got into trouble or simply due to the fact that investments are no longer meeting specific criteria. We create effective financial strategies for addressing the real estate challenges faced by our clients.


Who We Are

Think Assets was established in 2012, the firm combines real estate, construction and finance expertise to offer quality independant advice to our clients.  We also work closely with some of the UK’s leading accounting practices assisting them with real estate advisory assignments.

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